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Buying a second home?

Buying a second home?

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  • Buy a second home
  • Luxury holiday resorts
  • Guaranteed return

Buying a second home in South Limburg

Buying a second home offers many advantages! You have the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved holiday any time you feel like, and at a lovely holiday address to boot! In addition, buying a 2nd house ensures an attractive return if you (fully) make the house available for rent. Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland offer you the opportunity to enjoy both aspects. The luxury holiday resorts in the hills of South Limburg are the perfect location to buy a second home. The location near the cities of Maastricht and Valkenburg along with the luxury facilities make these resorts a popular destination for owners and tourists alike.

Second home for sale

If you would like to invest in a second home at Resort Mooi Bemelen or Resort Heuvelland, you can choose from various models. The holiday homes are each situated on a private lot and are delivered turnkey, so you can immediately enjoy your second home in Limburg. The sizes of the homes range from 4 to 10 people and from 30 to 200 sqm. If you do not want to use your second home yourself, you can rent it out to other people instead. Our professional rental organization will take care of the rental process for you, so you can enjoy your investment to the fullest. Purchasing a second home is an interesting investment from which you can quickly reap the benefits.

Second homes available for sale

Buying a second home as an investment

At Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland, you have the opportunity to invest in various holiday homes. These homes are built with sustainable and high quality materials, so they are very low maintenance. The comfortable bedrooms, luxurious bathroom(s), cozy living room, and attractive open kitchen with built-in appliances provide plenty of comfort. The luxury feel of the holiday homes in combination with their location in a popular holiday area make these homes the perfect investment opportunity. If you buy a second home on our resorts and then make it completely available for rent, you will receive a guaranteed, nice multi-year net return. Our in-house professional rental organization will take all the work out of your hands. Due to our partnerships with both national and international tour operators, the occupancy rate of the properties is very high. Buying a second home to generate rental income is an investment you can enjoy without a care in the world.

The benefits of buying a second home

  • Rental, personal use, or a combination thereof
  • Holiday homes on private land
  • High quality and sustainable homes
  • Interesting guaranteed multi-year net return
  • In-house professional rental organization
  • Located in an attractive holiday area
  • Various facilities at the resorts
  • High quality, durable homes
  • Maintenance-free and built to last a lifetime

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of buying a 2nd home at Resort Mooi Bemelen or Resort Heuvelland? Please feel free to contact our consultants for more information or request a brochure with additional information about the homes.

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Why should I buy a second home?

You should consider buying a 2nd home at Resort Mooi Bemelen or Resort Heuvelland in Limburg, because it's an investment with a nice return. This is unlike leaving your savings in the bank, where interest rates are getting lower and lower, and in some cases are already negative. An investment in recreational real estate, with a guaranteed return, is the main reason to buy a second home.

Where can I buy a second home?

Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland in Limburg offer you the opportunity to buy a second home near Maastricht and Valkenburg. The holiday homes at these resorts are suitable for generating rental income, personal use, or a combination thereof. You can enjoy your second home at any time or benefit from an attractive return when you are not staying in the home yourself.

Can I buy a second home for rental purposes?

Yes, you can! At Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland in Limburg, you can buy a second home and rent it out without a care in the world. Indeed, our professional rental organization takes care of the complete rental process when you are not staying in your holiday home. You can buy a second house to rent out at this unique location in South Limburg.

How much return can I get from renting out my second home?

Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland offer you a guaranteed multi-year net return on your 2nd home in Limburg. The exact percentage depends on the type of home and whether you choose to partially or fully rent out your home. Our consultants will be happy to tell you more about this! However, an investment in a second home offers you even more advantages: a maintenance-free holiday home that is built to last a lifetime; a holiday in Limburg whenever you feel like it and a high return on your investment with minimal effort.