• Guaranteed returns over several years
  • Luxury vacation homes in South Limburg
  • For personal use and/or rental use

Buying and renting out vacation homes in Limburg

Are you interested in buying and renting out a vacation home? Then choose a luxury vacation home in Limburg. At Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland, you have the opportunity to invest in a vacation home close to Maastricht and Valkenburg. At these luxury vacation resorts, there are several different types of vacation homes that can accommodate four to ten people. All homes have a unique design and are equipped with all the comforts. Therefore, your vacation home will definitely appeal to both you and your guests. Enjoy the sun on the terrace of your home! When you are not staying in your home, you can take advantage of the attractive returns! Buying and renting out a vacation home is a smart investment and ensures an attractive return. Our advisors will be pleased to help you with personalized advice.

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The available vacation homes for buying and renting out

Tiny house - Berg Lodge - Phase 3

A beautiful four-person 30m2 tiny home at Resort Mooi Bemelen.
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Villa Kunderberg - 6 people

A luxury six-person villa with a spacious yard at Resort Heuvelland
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Villa Maasvallei - 10 people

A beautiful 10-person villa with a luxurious open kitchen at Resort Heuvelland
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Buying and renting out a vacation home as an investment

Buying and renting out a vacation home at Resort Mooi Bemelen or Resort Heuvelland is an attractive investment. After purchasing your vacation home, you have the option of keeping it entirely for your personal use, partially renting it out, or renting it out completely through our professional rental organization. If you completely rent out your vacation home, you are guaranteed an attractive return over several years. You also have the option of buying and renting out your vacation home partially, allowing you to enjoy your vacation home for part of the year. The exclusive vacation homes with outstanding features such as lots of light, plenty of space, and a beautiful location, are very appealing when renting them out. When you rent out your home, Green Resorts will ensure that your vacation home is furnished in a contemporary and luxurious fashion. You can choose to rent out the property completely or partially. The rental will be handled by our professional rental organization. They will take care of all your worries and will rent out your house for you. That makes buying a vacation home for renting out very appealing!

The benefits of buying and renting out a vacation home

  • Rental use, personal use, or a combination of both
  • Vacation homes on private land
  • High-quality and sustainable homes
  • Attractive guaranteed net returns over several years
  • Own professional rental organization
  • Located in an appealing vacation area
  • Extensive facilities at the resorts
  • Maintenance-free with lifelong lifespan

Would you like to know more about the options for buying and renting out a vacation home at Resort Mooi Bemelen or Resort Heuvelland? Please feel free to contact our advisors for more information or request a brochure with additional information about the homes.

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