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Green Resorts Sales
Professional rental organization

Professional Rental Organization

9.5% return!
Enjoy a high return in our latest phase.
  • Two luxury resorts in South Limburg
  • Booking Experts reservation software
  • Guaranteed return of 9.5%

Professional rental organization

We will take care of everything for you if you decide to partially or fully rent out your house. The rental organization of Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland is constantly working to optimize renting out the vacation homes, increasing the level of occupancy, and achieving the highest possible return on investment for you. Below, you can read about the various methods used to ensure that the Green Resorts vacation homes receive even more attention.

National and international rental organizations

We make use of external national and international rental organizations. By using the Booking Experts software, we can (in)directly link with the rental organizations displayed below, and the availability, prices, and reservations are continuously synchronized. The international tour operators also provide exposure outside the Dutch borders.

Website and online booking

Our website and online reservation system are always up to date and can be easily modified at any time.


We regularly send newsletters to inform existing and new guests about developments taking place at our resorts. However, we also inform our guests about packages and promotional discounts.

Social media

Using social media is an excellent way to quickly reach a large audience, advertise, and quickly share updates. Therefore, we are active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


We take part in events in the area, such as the Christmas Market in Valkenburg, the Amstel Gold Race, and the Heuvelland4daagse. We do this by offering special packages and promotional discounts.


We are regularly at various exhibitions to promote Green Resorts. Think of the 50+ exhibition and the Second Home exhibition.

VVV Maastricht and VVV South Limburg

You can also find us on the websites of VVV South Limburg and VVV Maastricht. You can find us here under accommodation (camping & bungalow resorts) and under food & drinks.

Tour operators:

Belvilla | Green Resorts
Bezoek Maastricht
Heerlijke huisjes
VVV Zuid-Limburg
50+ beurs

Location Resort Mooi Bemelen ⤵️

Do you have any tips on how we can improve the rentals at Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland? Then send an email to