1. Holiday home for private use
  2. Located in South-Limburg
  3. Facilities for young and old

Vacation home for personal use

The purchase of a vacation home at Green Resorts is, partly thanks to the unique location of the parks and the many facilities, very suitable for personal use.

  • Quality product
  • Unique locations in Zuid-Limburg
  • Enjoy your own vacation home all year around
  • Many facilities for young and old

When you buy a house at Resort Heuvelland or Resort Mooi Bemelen for your personal use, you are the only user of the vacation home. You are allowed to spend 365 days in the residence at the resort, but not to live there. Buying a vacation home for your personal use gives you the opportunity to furnish the vacation home completely as you want it.

When buying a vacation home for your personal use, you can also choose to rent it out (partially). The rental is done at Green Resorts through a professional rental organization. This way you can minimize costs and also enjoy your vacation home without worries. The vacation home is then an investment, and the home is furnished for rental by a professional company. When the vacation home is rented out, the owner receives a portion of the rental income.

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Range of vacation homes for personal use at Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland