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Resort Mooi Bemelen
Resort Mooi Bemelen

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130 luxury tiny houses at Resort Mooi Bemelen
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Resort Mooi Bemelen

Resort Mooi Bemelen

  • South Limburg hilly landscape
  • Close to Valkenburg and Maastricht
  • Luxurious holiday resort

Buying luxurious holiday accommodations in South Limburg

Would you like to enjoy unlimited vacations in the hilly landscape of South Limburg? If so, Resort Mooi Bemelen is the right place for you. The holiday resort is situated on the Bemelerberg and offers a stunning panoramic view of the hilly landscape. The vibrant cities of Maastricht and Valkenburg are just around the corner. The holiday park and its surrounding area offer activities for all age groups. The luxurious holiday accommodations at the park have a Limburg character, such as a slate roof and the use of Kunrader stone. The accommodation's windows ensure a true holiday experience. Sustainability and quality are at its core. This shows in the selection of materials and the level of finish of the accommodations.

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Investing with guaranteed returns

✓ 6% guaranteed returns in case you rent it out fully

✓ Suitable for two to four persons

✓ NEW: Luxurious Tiny Houses

✓ In the natural surroundings of Limburg

✓ Near Maastricht and Valkenburg


A stable investment in recreation real estate

Would you like to invest in recreation real estate? At Resort Mooi Bemelen, you can. By buying a holiday accommodation and renting it out, you can obtain attractive returns on your investment. Our professional rental organization will take care of everything for you and handle all rental responsibilities. The park's unique location, combined with the luxurious park facilities, make it a popular holiday destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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