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Investing high yield

Investing with high returns

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Take advantage of a high return of up to 7.4% with our latest phase
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Attractive return of 9.5%
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • In a beautiful location in South Limburg

Are you looking for an investment with high returns?

Investing with high return

Are you planning to invest your capital? Then investing in recreational real estate is an attractive option. More and more private individuals see investing in a vacation home as an alternative to bank savings. After all, it provides a return on investment in two ways: on the one hand, the enjoyment of vacationing and, on the other hand, the income from renting out the vacation home.

Green Resorts has luxury vacation homes for sale in Limburg for both commercial and private investors. The homes are located at Resort Mooi Bemelen and Resort Heuvelland. We offer comfortable Tiny Houses accommodating four people at Resort Mooi Bemelen. At Resort Heuvelland, we are selling the "Villa Kunderberg" accommodating six people and the "Villa Maasvallei" accommodating ten people. If you choose to rent out the house, you can count on an attractive return on investment.

The Resorts are located in unique locations in the hilly landscape of South Limburg, which makes it the perfect vacation destination for cycling and hiking enthusiasts. Furthermore, there are beautiful cities in the vicinity of the resorts. From Resort Mooi Bemelen, you can reach Maastricht or Valkenburg within a 15-minute drive, while from Resort Heuvelland, it is only a 10-minute drive to Heerlen or the German town of Aachen. The luxury vacation homes, unique location, and comfortable facilities make buying a home at Green Resorts a sustainable investment.

Your investment with a high return on investment

Resort Mooi Bemelen

High returns at low risk

Anyone looking to invest some of their wealth is looking for an investment with the highest possible return. High returns often come with high risk. That's why it's important to carefully consider how much risk you are willing to take with your assets. At Green Resorts, we offer a guaranteed return of 9.5%, so you can be sure of the returns. With our Mountain Lodge, that amounts to approximately €1381 per month with our Mountain Lodge with wellness even yielding €1460 per month! Would you like to know in what time your investment will pay itself back?

Invest in a vacation home for rental use and personal use

It goes without saying that when you are investing, you want to receive a high return on investment. The great advantage of investing in a vacation home with Green Resorts is that you receive a guaranteed return. If you make your vacation home in Limburg available exclusively for renting out, you will receive a net return over several years. Our own professional rental organization will take care of all the work, and our cooperation with national and international tour operators ensures a very high occupancy rate. How lovely! Because you want to receive the highest return on investment, right?

If you invest in a vacation home at Green Resorts, you can choose from three different vacation homes ranging from the capacity of four to ten people located on private land. The architecturally designed homes are beautiful, and the large windows will create the ultimate vacation atmosphere. Both the interior and exterior are extremely luxurious, with spacious bedrooms, beautiful bathrooms, a kitchen with built-in appliances, and a landscaped backyard with a terrace. Both you as a buyer and your tenants will enjoy staying here. Would you also like to invest in a vacation home with a high return on investment?

An overview of the benefits of a second home:

  • Rental use and personal use
  • Vacation homes on private land
  • Quality and sustainable homes
  • Guaranteed net returns over several years
  • Own professional rental organization
  • Located in an appealing area for vacations
  • Quality and sustainable homes
  • Maintenance-free with lifelong lifespan

Would you like to learn more about high-return investment opportunities at Green Resorts? Feel free to contact our advisors for more information or request a brochure with additional information about the homes.

Location Resort Mooi Bemelen

Location Resort Heuvelland