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Take advantage of a high return of up to 7.4% with our latest phase
  • Newly built vacation resort
  • For personal use or rental use
  • Appealing investment
  • Guaranteed return of 9.5%

Newly built vacation home

Investing in a vacation home with a rental guarantee is highly appealing. Currently, Green Resorts is engaged in developing newly built vacation homes at luxury vacation resorts in Limburg. For example, you can choose between a newly built vacation home for a maximum of ten people at Resort Heuvelland or a luxury tiny house for a maximum of four people at Resort Mooi Bemelen. You can choose between renting out your home, using it yourself, or a combination of both. Our professional rental organization is ready to assist you in the process of purchasing your newly built vacation home!

Our latest phase:

Newly built vacation homes

The luxury of Green Resorts can also be found in the newly built vacation homes at our vacation resorts. You can choose between a newly built vacation home for six or ten people at Resort Heuvelland. The homes feature, among other things, large windows, a fully equipped kitchen, and spacious rooms. From the French doors, you can have a great time on the terrace and enjoy a cozy evening by the fireplace. The newly built vacation home at Resort Mooi Bemelen is the Berg Lodge. A luxury tiny house equipped with every convenience and comfort. Investing in such a tiny house offers a fixed return on investment of 6%, which means a net return of €8,130 per year! Are you curious about the possibilities for investing in a newly built vacation home? Please feel free to contact us.

Newly built vacation resort

In addition to luxury vacation homes, our resorts are also situated in a unique location. Resort Mooi Bemelen is located near the bustling cities of Maastricht and Valkenburg. The same applies to Resort Heuvelland, which is also located a short distance from the German city of Aachen. Thanks to the newly built vacation resorts, you can explore the surroundings of South Limburg on foot or by bicycle from your own vacation home. Not only will you enjoy the unique location of your newly built vacation home at Green Resorts, but also the facilities at the resort. For example, you can jump in the swimming pool or discover one of the other facilities. Investing in a newly built vacation home allows you to take advantage of an appealing return on investment and offers you the opportunity to discover Limburg as well.

Newly built recreation home for private use, to rent out, or a combination of both?

What other interested parties asked us:

How does your rental organization help exactly?

If you choose to partially or fully rent out your home, our rental organization and our specialized marketing agency love to take care of everything for you. They continuously work towards optimizing the rentals and increasing the occupancy rate, in order to achieve the highest yield possible. They do this by maintaining the website, working on (online) marketing, collaborating with tour operators, and lots more.

Can I always use the park facilities as home owner or guest?

As homeowner and as guest you can always use our park facilities. Therefore, you don't have to leave the park for a good time. We have a swimming pool, bike rental, and playground.