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Partial own use

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Partial own use

When buying a holiday home for own use, you could also choose to (partially) rent it out. The rental takes place at Green Resorts via a professional rental organization. This way, you can minimize the costs and enjoy your holiday home carefree yourself at the same time.

Combination own use and rental

Naturally, profit is the most important factor for you. In order to ensure it, we employ a proven and effective method. You invest in the home, and Resort WaterWeelde ensures sufficient occupation per year. We make sure your profits will be made. This could be up to 8% fixed profit on top of your investment in 3 years.

Of course, you are free to determine when to use your home yourself. This is also possible for longer periods of time. Resort WaterWeelde makes sure the rental keeps going when you are not staying there. Everything will be taken care of. You will invest in valuable real estate with nature and cities close by. Shared financing with our usual partner Rabobank is a possibility. We would be happy to explain the advantages to you in a meeting without any commitments.

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