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Funda recreation home Limburg

Funda recreation home Limburg

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Funda recreation home in Limburg

If you are looking for a recreation home in Limburg on Funda, you will not come across one from Green Resort Sales. Curious why? Funda is a website listing homes that are for sale. In order to list vacation homes on Funda, a real estate agent must often be affiliated with the NVM, the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents, because Funda is a platform of the NVM. Sales of the vacation homes from Green Resort Sales are not done by a real estate agent from the NVM, and that is why our recreation homes are not listed on Funda.

Recreation home for sale on Funda

When you are going to invest in a vacation home, Green Resort Sales offers many advantages. Buying and/or renting out a vacation home is an appealing investment. There are a number of differences between purchasing a vacation home and a residential home, such as the inventory, yield and rental agreements. These matters are not applicable when purchasing a residential home, but they are when purchasing a recreation home; especially if you want to rent it out. Green Resort Sales offers major advantages compared to Funda when buying a recreation home. The rental is done through our professional rental organization, and they take all the work off your hands when you want to rent out a vacation home. This way they achieve a high occupancy rate. You are also guaranteed a net return for multiple years. It is, therefore, not possible to buy our vacation homes through Funda, but you can take a look at the entire range on Green Resort Sales' own website.

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Funda vacation home

So you don't need Funda to find your ideal vacation home. Nowadays there are many more options than Funda to find a vacation home in Zuid-Limburg. For example, at Green Resort Sales you can take a look at the range on its own website and find your ideal vacation home with the help of expert advice.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of buying and/or renting out a vacation home at one of our vacation parks? Feel free to contact our advisors for more information, or request a brochure with additional information about the homes.