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Green Resorts a great holiday or a sound investment

Greenresorts has been developing and managing beautiful holiday parks at special locations in The Netherlands for over 10 years. All holiday parks are located in stunning areas at the Veluwe, in North Brabant and in Limburg. The park feature a wide range of facilities and accommodations. Spacious parking sites, luxurious chalets and bungalows of various types. On top of this, all holiday parks offer you the chance to buy your own holiday home. For your own use of as an investment with an attractive profitability.

All Green Resorts employees are at your service to make sure you have a wonderful holiday or to competently advise you while investing in your own home. Whether it is a beautifully situated chalet or an exclusive, freestanding villa: the possibilities are endless and surprising.

We would love to get in touch with you personally and of course you are more than welcome to make a reservation for your holiday with us. We hope to see you at one of our luxurious holiday homes!

Phase 3: Brand New Berg Lodges

    Return is exempted from income tax
    VAT can be reclaimed both for business and private
    Optimum rental results through the rental organization
    Partnerships with reputable tour operators

Rental by our professional rental organization

What other interested parties asked us:

Why should I invest in a vacation home?

By investing in a vacation home, you not only have a spot to spend your vacation, but you also receive an appealing return, which can even be up to 9.5% when fully rented out.  In addition, you choose a stable object , which allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and spread the risk sensibly. So investing in a vacation home not only offers personal pleasure but also financial benefits.

Are there financing options for investing in a vacation home?

There are various financing options for investing in a vacation home. First of all, you can finance a vacation home through a loan. It is also possible to take out a mortgage, but this is not possible everywhere. It is also possible to use the surplus value of your first home; this increases the mortgage and you can use the amount of surplus value for your second home. Would you like advice on the possibilities?