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Investing in a holiday home

Investing in a holiday home

  • South Limburg
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • New holiday park
  • Guaranteed return on investment

Buy a tiny house in The Netherlands

Resort Mooi Bemelen is being expanded with 130 luxury tiny houses, the so called Berg Lodge! This is the chance for you to buy a tiny house in The Netherlands in a unique location; the sale has already started. This small, but very complete, vacation home can accommodate up to 4 people and has a living area of 30 m². The location of Resort Mooi Bemelen, in the middle of the hilly landscape and near cities such as Maastricht and Valkenburg, makes buying a tiny house in Limburg extra attractive.



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Buy and rent out a tiny house

Would you like to buy a tiny house as an investment? Then it is very interesting to buy and rent out a tiny house, so that you receive a maximum return. But at Resort Mooi Bemelen you have two other options for using the house; completely for personal use and a combination of personal use and rental. Below we list all the options for you:

  • Full rental - Buying a tiny house to rent out means that you cannot use the house yourself. If you opt for full rental, you will receive a fixed net return of 9,5% and the rental will be fully taken care of by Resort Mooi Bemelen.
  • Personal use - If you want to buy a tiny house in The Netherlands for your personal use only, that is also possible. You can stay in your own vacation home whenever you want, but permanent residence is not allowed.
  • Combination of personal use and rental - If you want to make the house available for rental when you are not there, you can choose a combination between personal use and rental. You will not receive a fixed net return, as this depends on the rental income.

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About Resort Mooi Bemelen

At Resort Mooi Bemelen, you have the option of buying a tiny house close to Maastricht. This Burgundian city is only 20 minutes away. This vacation resort is in the perfect location in the small village of Bemelen, on top of the Bemelerberg. In the immediate surroundings, there are numerous hiking and cycling trails through the hills of South Limburg. At the vacation resort itself, you can enjoy facilities such as the outdoor swimming pool, the playground for children, and you can rent bicycles as well.

Are you interested in buying a tiny house in the Netherlands? We have started selling the houses, and you can register for the Berg Lodge by clicking the button below. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.


Resort Mooi Bemelen

Buy a vacation home at Resort Mooi Bemelen? A guaranteed investment return on your vacation home with many possibilities in the vicinity of Limburg!

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